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The close proximity to the UK and Europe means that Egypt has massive potential for the tourist market. This coupled with the year round sunshine on the Red Sea Riviera means investors will have a year round profit. The new economic reforms in the 2011 Revolution should ensure a safe and sound investment environment for the future.The whole process of owning real estate in Egypt is altogether more affordable & straight forward. Comparing Egypt with many tourist destinations investors will find a favourable holiday season with very low prices in comparison.

  • Low property prices in an rapidly emerging market
  • The Red Sea is one of the best places in the world for diving
  • All year round season
  • High rental demand
  • Low cost of living
  • Direct flights from most of Europe
  • Egypt is full of history and things to see and do
  • Low taxation
  • Established and expanding tourist market
  • You can see two of the seven wonders of Ancient the world.
  • Egypt’s, stock market has been amongst the top performers. Although this was affected in the 2011 revolution the new economical reforms and climate is expected to see a strong recovry
  • Year-on-year capital appreciation: 10-30 per cent
  • Well-established and accessible ports on both Mediterranean and Red Sea, in addition to the Suez Canal and airports make Egypt fully integrated with the rest of the world.
  • Highly recognised and acknowledged economic performance by international organizations and community has made Egypt one of the most favourable locations for long term investment.
  • Availability of highly trained and skilled labor at competitive wage rates.
  • An efficient banking system and a dynamic and growing stock market.
  • Political and social stability, favorable business environment and strong support by the government to private sector initiatives.
  • Developed infrastructure and utilities, comprehensive and integrated transportation and communication networks