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About Bulgaria

  • Located in the Eastern Part of the Balkan Peninsula in South Eastern Europe, Bulgaria is bordered by the new states of former Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, the Danube (the border with Romania) and the Black Sea.
  • Population is approximately 7,700,000
  • Area: 110,000 square kilometres / 70,000 square miles
  • Capital: Sofia , Major cities: Plovdiv, Varna and Bourgas
  • Distance: London/Sofia – 1,300 miles; Sofia/Varna – 300 miles, Sofia/Bourgas – 250 miles.
  • Highest Mountain: The Rila Mountain, situated sout

The property purchase process in Bulgaria?

Once you have found the property and determined whether it is being sold with or without land, you then negotiate and agree a final price with the owner/developer. Contracts are then drawn up and your solicitor will start the process for the standard checks, searches, title documents, debts on file and terms of contract. Once this is all finalised you then sign the Notary Act (Contract to Purchase) in front of a Bulgarian Notary Public and the Final Legal Contract.

What types of properties are on the market?

Bulgaria has a wide variety of properties available from country homes and mountain chalets to seaside apartments. Not only is buying a property in Bulgaria a great investment as the prices are steadily increasing but the properties are considerably lower in price than those elsewhere in Europe.

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